Politics Matters.

It affects your bottom line.
Impacts the security of your investments and personnel.
Creates opportunities where others see danger.

You Need a Guide.

As you navigate complicated, emerging or frontier markets with growing populations and volatile politics, let us be your guide / رہبر.

We provide strategic guidance on political and security issues in the Middle East and South Asia, focusing on Pakistan and Afghanistan. Let us help you reduce uncertainty and make informed choices.

Our Services

Research and Analysis

Will there be early elections in Pakistan? To what extent is Beijing willing to use military force to secure its investments in Afghanistan and Central Asia? These are the sort of questions thrown our way by concerned investors – and these are the sort of questions we shine at answering for entities deeply leveraged in volatile locations.

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Strategic Communications

In an era of fake news, getting the truth out there is a more complicated task. We offer a range of strategic communications services, including social media engagement, speech writing, and reputation management. 

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Curriculum Development and Instruction

We’ve provided large organizations with curriculum development and instructional services on political and security issues in the Middle East and South Asia, including on terrorist organizations that may serve as physical threats to their assets and infrastructure.

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Due Diligence

When engaging in large financial transactions, it’s important to know who’s on the other side. There’s a wealth of information in the public sphere — open source, as it’s called in the trade — that requires language or deep-searching capabilities to access. Leveraging open source is where we excel.

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