Leveraging Open Source Data

Good data is increasingly free, but distinguishing signals from noise requires expertise.

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Training sessions that teach your staff how to think about complex regions.

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Our Methodology

Good tradecraft separates quality analysis from the poor. It reduces the likelihood of error and results in a product that intellectually empowers the customer.

Analytical mistakes can be costly. An incorrect assessment of security risk could put your personnel in harm’s way. A misunderstanding of changing legal or regulatory dynamics could jeopardize your investments. And conforming to the negative consensus could blind you to opportunities your competitors might exploit first.

The hallmarks of our work: structured analytic techniques, quality sourcing, clear writing, and open communication with the client. The end result: analysis that provides warning of threats and alerts the customer to potential opportunities.

  • Accuracy 100%
  • Relevance 100%
  • Clarity 100%

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